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Alswaihli : The army will not stop until the defeat of the aggression.

Member of the Supreme Council of the State, Abdulrahman Aswaihli, affirmed that the Libyan army would not stop until they defeated the Hifter aggression, expressing his thanks to the fighters of “Volcano of Anger ” for their response to the attack of Hifter’s Militias on the capital.

Aswaihli expressed his gratitude on Thursday to Turkey for their support of the Libyan people and his legitimate government represented in the Presidential Council, adding that “some opportunists should respect the sacrifices and to stop utilizing what is happening as they are used to in favor of their parties.

Aswaihli commented on the Turkish parliament’s Authorization to the government of their country to send military forces to Libya, saying: “Turkey is praised for its support for the right of the Libyan people and its legitimate government, just as they supported our ancestors the “Mujahideen” against the Italian occupation.

It is worth noting that the Turkish parliament voted, on Thursday, on the resolution to authorize the Turkish government to send military forces to Libya in accordance with the military memorandum of understanding signed with the government of reconciliation.

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