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Almishri: The legitimacy of the Tobruk parliament is in the hands of the Egyptian Foreign Office.

The head of the Supreme Council of State, Khaled Almishri, said on Tuesday that Aqila Saleh , cannot gather a tenth of the members of parliament in one hall, and he is unable to manage the parliament and is only a figurehead.

Almishri affirmed during a television interview with the American channel “Al-Hurra” , that the legitimacy of the parliament had become mortgaged to the Egyptian foreign offices and the Egyptian intelligence.

Almishri added that the Supreme State council does not recognize Aqila Saleh as president of Parliament unless the Parliament meets with a quorum and chooses his presidency again.

Almishri pointed out that until this moment the government did not ask for the support of any force, and if Egypt interfered formally, the government has the right to seek the support of its friends and allies as a sovereign state in accordance with the mutual defense agreements.

Almishri pointed out that the Egyptian interventions were not stop for one day. The beginning of the Libyan crisis was from the Egyptian intervention, and what increases Egypt’s madness is the inability of the mercenaries that Hifter is useing to enter the capital Tripoli.

Almishri pointed out that Egypt chose to align itself with the coup, and its last hope is for Hifter to officially request Egyptian intervention on the ground.

Almishri revealed that there are contacts with the Egyptian side in official and unofficial ways, but without obtaining a response from the State of Egypt, insisting again that Hifter must be excluded from any upcoming political solution, after he appeared unable to acheive military solution. It is worth noting that, within a week Egyptian President Sisi attacked the GNA and the official authorities on two occasions, describing them as being mortgaged to the militias, as he claimed.

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