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Almajai confirms the army’s progress in several axes.

The spokesman for the operation of the volcano of anger Mustafa Almjai confirmed on Sunday, that the GNA army forces have made new advances in the axes of Yarmouk and Al-Khalah and Ain Zara and Akhaltat.

Al-Majai said in a statement to Arraed that there are a large number of dead and prisoners from Hifter forcess, especially in the axes of Ain Zara and Yarmouk, which witnessed violent clashes in last two days, confirming the arrest of the commander of the Tariq bin Ziad brigade.

He added that the confession of a spokesman for Hifter Ahmed al-Mesmari that they have 7,000 dead on the walls of the capital, mostly mercenaries Janjaweed, Sudanese and Russians, “Vagner” This is a strong proof that their forces were exterminated.

It is worth noting that the army repeld on Friday, an attempt to advance by Hifter forces in the area of ​​Al-Hira and took control of the secondary roads leading to Al-Sabiaa.

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