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Alkahili: Aqila Saleh only represents himself

The chairman of the House of Representatives Sadiq Al-Kahili said on Saturday that Aqila Saleh represents only himself and is considered a memeber in the House of Representatives and his letters directed to end the political agreement or the memorandum signed between Libya and Turkey do not represent any legal or political impact towards the state institutions and the international parties concerned.

Alkahili explained in a press conference that the two memorandums of understanding between Libya and Turkey do not constitute any violation of international law or the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, pointing out that they are a consolidation of sovereign economic rights guaranteed by international law and not directed against any neighboring or regional countries.

Alkahili called on all the concerned countries with maritime borders for dialogue and negotiation and not to follow the approach of political escalation and resorting to international law, stressing that these pressures and auctions will not dissuade him from endorsing everything that confirms Libya’s stability and its attainment of its rights stipulated in the law.

It is worth noting that President of the Presidential Council, Fayez al-Sarraj, signed with Turkish President Rejep Tayyip Erdogan last November two memorandums of understanding on the security and maritime issues.

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