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Alhssadi: The Arab League is powerless and is in trouble.

Member of the State Council Mansour Alhssadi said on Tuesday that the Arab League is powerless and is in trouble, especially after the Arab Spring revolutions, the GNA had previously requested them to meet to condemn the aggression against Tripoli, but it did not respond to that.

Alhssadi asked, in a statement to Arraed, how can the Arab League have a positive role and most Arab regimes practice violence, tyranny, repression, dictatorship and have no value for human rights and freedom ?!

“The Arab League will not have a role as long as the Arab rulers do not come to power by the will of their people,” Alhssadi said, adding that some Arab countries have their statements with legitimacy in Libya and their weapons with Hifter militias, so how can they have a positive role ?!

On Tuesday, the Arab League issued a statement at the end of an emergency session, calling for a commitment to the unity, sovereignty, and territorial integrity of Libya, also rejection of external intervention and the full implementation of the Skhirat Agreement as the only reference for a settlement in Libya.

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