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Alhamy: A change of the Presidential Council means dismantling the Memorandum of Understanding with Turkey.

Member of the Supreme Council of the State Naima Alhamy confirmed on Sunday that the UN envoy, Ghassan Salama, is seeking to change the GNA through the Geneva Dialogues, in order to dismantle the security understanding with Turkey.

Alhamy added, in a statement to Arraed, that the memorandum that the GNA signed with Turkey turned the papers and scales. Now, many are seeking a mechanism to dismantle them and think that by changing the GNA, they can dismantle the memo.

Alhamy added that the Supreme Council of State maintains its position in suspending participation in the Geneva Dialogue until progress is made on the military track and the cessation of aggression and shelling and the return of displaced people.

The Supreme Council of the State Member indicated that the previous session of the 5 5 Committee did not make any progress , and we are awaiting the third session of the 5 5 Committee and its results, noting that the Council will hold a session tomorrow Monday to discuss the latest developments on the suspension of participation and the mechanism of choosing Salama of the 13 Independent member.

Alhamy asked about the mechanism of Salama choosing of the 13 independent members, and how effective are they on the ground? And to whom do they belong? Who guarantees the implementation and recognition of the results of the meeting? She expressed her regret that Salama “intransigently” to continue the negotiations and set the next date for the session in March.

It is worth noting that Salama called on the Supreme State Council, in February, to end the suspension of participation in the Geneva talks on the pretext of acheiving progress in the military talks.

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