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Algerian Soldiers Discover Weapons cache along Libyan Border

(Author: Libyan Gazette Editorial Staff)


The Algerian Defense Ministry announced on Sunday that Algerian soldiers discovered a cache of weapons and heavy artillery along the Libyan border.  

Algeria’s Defense Ministry said that the army made the discovery in the vicinity of Bordj Badji Mokhtar, in Adrar province, which is 1543 kilometres from Algiers.

Thousands of Algerian troops are stationed in the area to patrol the shared border with Libya to strengthen security along the border, fight against terrorism, and stop smuggling.

The Algerian army seized FM automatic guns, RPG-7 rockets, a shotgun, repeating rifles Kalashnikov submachine guns, two SIMONOV semiautomatic guns, grenades, and nearly a thousand bullets.

Algeria has increased its security along the Libyan border since the ousting of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011 plunged the country into political chaos and violence.

Algeria suspects that the terrorists who attacked the Amenas gas plant in eastern Algeria, killing two and seizing hostages, in 2013 may have been trained in jihadist camps in Libya.


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