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Alfaqih:The demand for a ceasefire must be directed at the aggressor party.

Member of Parliament Suleiman Alfaqih said on Tuesday that any talk about the cease-fire must be aimed at the aggressor party against the capital,Tripoli, as they who are required to stop it.

Alfaqih asserted, in a statement to the Arraed, that “the cease-fire decision cannot be rejected by sane people, as it stops the bloodshed of Libyans, stressing that the President signed it with the support of the deputies and the supreme state.”explaining that” the aggressor party does not have its decision, its decision is not internal, it is linked to the countries that support the project of militarization the Country.

On the Berlin conference, the member of the House of Representatives indicated that the representatives, in principle, are not opposed to any effort to take the Libyans out of this situation, which was caused by negative interference.

Alfaqih indicated that the Berlin conference will have little success in the event of continued fighting and the continued negative support for Hifter and his forces, recalling that “the Libyan crisis is external and not internal, but the positive intervention by the state of Turkey after the signing of the agreement creates a balance”

It is worth noting that the President of the Presidential Council, Fayez Asarraj, signed, in Moscow, the Turkish-Russian initiative that provides for a ceasefire.

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