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Alfaqih: Hifter plays the role of the Islamic State by targeting the nucleus of the army.

Member of Parliament Suleiman alfaqih said on Sunday that Hifter, by bombing the military college, “destroyed his biggest slogan”, which is fighting terrorism, because those who died in the bombing are the nucleus to establish a professional army that protects the state and preserves its security.

Alfaqih demanded, in a statement to Arraed, demanded that the House of Deputies,the Supreme Council of State and Presidential Councils to lead the stage with merit and with one heart and a style consistent with the stage; to protect the homeland and innocent lives from this bombing led by an enemy that has no morals, and is assisted by countries such as the Emirates whose crimes are not hidden to anyone, according to him.

Afaqih explained that the international community watch the crimes of Haftar, which cann’t be counted in all Libyan cities, and they are all similar to the crimes of the Islamic State, whom Hifter keeps telling the world that he is fighting, recalling that this bombing resembles the targeting by the Islamic State of the police training headquarters in Zliten.

It is worth noting that the bombing of the drone supporting Hifter, on Saturday of the Military College in the Alhadba area of ​​the capital, Tripoli, left more than 30 martyrs and 33 wounded.

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