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Alarabi Aljadid : The Emirates provided an Israeli air defense system to Haftar.

Alarabi Aljadid newspaper revealed that the UAE has signed a contract with Israel on a sophisticated air defense system to support Haftar in an attempt to end the GNA army’s air control.

The website quoted sources described as “private”, that the Israeli system was produced by an Israeli defense company, and transferred to Egypt directly, in preparation for transferring it to Haftar in Libya after training “Libyans from his militias on how to use it” , there are Egyptian-UAE differences due to several local and regional files that have thrown an overshadows on the Libyan file, indicating that Cairo refused to carry out new air strikes for the Egyptian Air Force against the GNA, explaining that this is a significant cost for these measures.

And, according to the website, that last March, Jordan delivered to Haftar six drones in a contract signed between the two parties with Emirati financing, and that the “CH4” planes which are contracted by Jordan from China earlier in their favor before they retreated and sold them to Haftar with Emirati intervention after obtaining permission from Beijing.

Alarabi Aljadid added that there is a great Emirati alert to save the Haftar military campaign, and his continued control over the areas he controlled, especially after his great losses in the Alwishka axis and Sirte and the killing of his senior leaders with strikes launched by the GNA Air Force.

It is worth noting that Arab and international newspapers revealed earlier that Haftar is contracted with Israel under Egyptian mediation to train his militias.

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