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Al-Sunni: Violations of UN resolutions in Libya has reached a new stage, and we demand accountability for those involved.

Libya’s delegate to the United Nations, Taher Al-Sunni, said that the situation in Libya has reached a new stage with regard to violating UN Security Council resolutions, after countries began to violate the council’s resolutions publicly, as happened with the Egyptian government, which announced its desire to arm the Libyan tribes.

In his speech to the Security Council Sanctions Committee on Tuesday, Al-Sunni added that the reports and information proving the involvement of the Russian Wagner Company and several mercenaries, the continuous flow of arms from the Emirates, and Jordan’s appearance in the United Nations which have always declared that it is neutral in the Libyan crisis, all This is a public violation of Security Council resolutions.

Al-Sunni was surprised by some of the statements that equate the Libyan government and the outlaws responsible for the aggression in April last year, and how a sovereign state is held accountable for the agreements it signed with others to defend its people and its land against aggressors and who supports them, which is its legitimate right according to the United Nations Charter ?!

Al-Sunni explained that the sanctions committees work system has become ineffective to stop violations and are deployed for political purposes and in the interest of some countries, stressing that Libya’s call to hold the hearing is not intended to repeat the same words or ruminate the past from which the Libyans are tired, but rather to see how the countries mentioned in the committee’s reports will justify the clear and explicit accusations, evidence against them for violating international resolutions and supporting the coup leaders militarily, politically and financially.

It is noteworthy that the UN Security Council approved, on July 23, Libya’s request to hold a hearing for the sanctions committee concerned with it to hold countries accountable of violating Security Council resolutions mentioned in the reports of United Nations experts such as the UAE, Egypt, Jordan, Sudan and others.

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