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Al-Shuweihdi: The countries that supported the coup led us to ally with Turkey.

First deputy speaker of the parliament, Alshuwaihdi, said on Thursday that Arab countries that supported Haftar coup led by Egypt ,UAE, Saudi Arabia and Jordan, led us to a military alliance with Turkey , stressing that the Egyptian regime must understand that the party they supported represented by Haftar and Parallel institutions has no legitimacy.

Al-Shuwaihdi added, in a statement to Arraed, that they extended their hands to the Egyptian regime more than once, but they rejected all attempts and insisted that Libya be a dictatorial regime, which we rejected and will never accept.

Al-Shuwaihdi explained that they had previously warned the Egyptian Chief of Staff, “Mahmoud Hegazy” against the restructuring of the military establishment in a manner to suit Haftar, because they are seeking to build and unify a professional military institution, not a personal institution, according to his expression.

Al-Shuwaihdi expressed his hope that Egypt would not interfere in Libya, as it does not have the capabilities to enter an open war in Libya, and if the Egyptian army enters, it will be lost in the desert of Libya, he said. In a related context, Al-Shuwaihdi stressed that the request of Aqeela Saleh request for Egyptian army to intervene is punishable by Libyan law, indicating that Aqeela cannot convene the parliament in a session and come out with the decision to intervene, because all Libyans reject this matter.

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