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Al Sakran is the latest victim of the policy of silencing of mouths in the eastern region … and international condemnation of his kidnapping.

With the end of the periods of slavery and the fall of Gaddafi in Libya, the eastern region is still under the authority of Haftar’s military in which it is forbidden to express any opinion or direct a criticism.

The last victim of opinion in the Haftar camp was the political activist and blogger Khaled Al-Sakran who was forcibly arrested for expressing an opinion that Haftar’s repressive arsenal believed to be anti-policy and took him to an unknown location; Complementing the series of repression and concealment that affected the deputy, “Siham Serqiwa”, and blogger, “Mounir Zoghby”, who was arrested and then released for criticizing the Corona Committee.

The arrest Khalid Al Sakran by an armed group arbitrarily, resulting in local and international reactions and condemnations, especially as this happened without any legal procedure and his location has not been announced for a week.

The mission is upset

The United Nations Support Mission in Libya expressed its alarm at the continued detention of Khaled Al-Sakran in Benghazi since a week ago because of his peaceful activities.

In a statement, the mission stressed that Al-Sakran is entitled under international lawto freedom and personal security, and to be informed immediately of any charges against him, and to appear before the judiciary, and if this is not achieved, he must be released immediately.

The European Union condemns

The head of the European Union Mission to Libya, Alain Bougia, expressed his concern about the arbitrary arrest and detention of activist Khaled Al-Sakran in Benghazi.

“Bugia” called the relevant authorities to take immediate judicial action against him or his immediate release, stressing his continued follow-up to all cases of violations against activists and members of civil society in Libya.

Blatant violation

The Libyan Organization for Independent Media denounced the arrest of Al-Sakran at the hands of military intelligence in the city of Benghazi, and considered it an enforced disappearance.

The organization confirmed, in a statement, that the arrest of Al-Sakran constitutes a flagrant violation of local laws and international conventions, after he was arrested in front of his house in the city of Benghazi by the Haftar military authorities and his deposit in the headquarters of Military Intelligence on Jamal Abdul Nasser Street in the city center.

The brutal incidents in the Haftar camp are still going on without any accountability. Perhaps the incident of the arrest of Deputy Siham Serqiwa since last July forcibly after her rejection of the aggression on Tripoli – is a good proof of that.

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