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Al-Qiblawi: The consulate in Sfax housed more than 800 citizens.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohamed al-Qiblawi said that the Consulate General in Sfax has provided residence for the Libyan community for 862 citizens, while the process of counting the stranded citizens in Tunisia continues.

Al-Qiblawi added, according to the official page of the ministry on Sunday, that the consulate handed over to the citizens the medicines necessary for those who have chronic diseases and distributed medical supplies to prevent the Corona epidemic.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs had urged citizens returning from travel to keep themselves in a place isolated from their families for a period of 14 days.

It is worth noting that Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohamed Al-Qiblawi confirmed last Thursday that the Libyan consulate in Istanbul had housed 1500 people, including more than 250 families, and housed 1,400 citizens, distributed over six hotels.

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