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Al Naqasa: mine clearing operations are continuing in Sirte.

Member of the “5 + 5” Joint Military Committee, Brigadier Mukhtar al-Naqasa, said in a statement to Arraed Sunday that the committee prefers not to go into the statements about the meeting point of the parliament in Sirte, and deny any published statements in my name on this point.

Al-Naqasa added that the operations of clearing mines and remnants of war around Sirte are continuing apace, adding that the coastal road will be opened if the demining teams inform them that they finished their work.

Al-Naqasa clarified that after the completion of the demining process there will be a meeting of the committee; To start laying down plans to withdraw mercenaries from their positions in the contact lines, and to transfer them to both Benghazi and Tripoli in a first step; to begin the process of leaving the Libyan territories.

It is worth noting that there are several media outlets and social networking sites that have circulated statements in the name of a member of the 5 + 5 Joint Military Committee, Brigadier-General Mukhtar al-Naqasa that sessions of the House of Representatives can be held in Sirte.

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