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Al-Nadhouri, Haftar and Al-Zait Street were not without a mention… during demonstrations in the East.

Demonstrations took place in the eastern region denouncing the deterioration of the living conditions and the lack of cash in the banks, and demanding the overthrow of all authorities in the east of the country and the accountability of the corrupt, and as soon as you hear a demonstration coming out in the eastern region, the repression that will confront the demonstrators from Haftar’s militia appears.

Indeed, the expected happened, and Haftar’s militias suppressed the demonstrators in Al-Marj with live bullets, which led to the fall of a civilian and the injury of 3 others, while arrest campaigns launched in Benghazi for a number of demonstrators, some of whom are aware of their fate in Al-Zait Street.

Our fate is Al-Zait Street

One of the demonstrators in Benghazi confirmed that their departure is in order to improve the living situation, provide services and fight the corrupt who wasted their livelihoods and took by force their property.

In a video clip, the citizen recounts the distress of living in Benghazi, saying: “We went out and knew that our fate was Al-Zait Street, but we were dead, others would come out.” Words that reflect the extent of oppression and fear in Benghazi if you thought about claiming your rights.

Corruption is the cause of the coming out

While another citizen, who was circulated on social media, explained in a video, that their coming out is the result of corruption, the continuous blackout, and the corruption of the Ministry of Health, indicating that their coming out is a warning siren for everyone, and that it will not be the first or last demonstration until radical solutions to the problems are developed. .

In a statement, some demonstrators demanded an end to widespread corruption and the downfall of all state bodies that were unable to provide services, and held officials in the parallel government responsible for the deterioration of services.

Al-Nadhouri and Haftar are no exception

A group of citizens raised their voices, accusing Abdul Razzaq Al-Nadhouri of stealing public money and wasting the livelihood of citizens, demanding his departure and holding him accountable for corruption.

Meanwhile, demonstrators threatened that no one would be excluded from their demands, and that Haftar is not isolated if the situation continues as it is, only for Haftar to come out to his loyalists in an attempt to fool the street that they are demanding the fall of Al-Thani and Aqila Saleh.

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