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Al-Mismari: Salame Has Become An “Opponent” And A Part Of The Libyan Crisis

Al-Karama’s spokesman Ahmed Al-Mesmari, called the United Nations envoy to Libya, Ghassan Salama, an “opponent”, adding that he contributes to the crisis in Libya.

In a news conference on Wednesday, Al-Masmari said that Salame had turned into an opposition to their forces and that he had become part of the Libyan crisis, adding that the deployment of their forces in the city of Sebha would enhance the security of the population and the oil fields.

The spokesman added that their forces will not leave Libya to become like Lebanon, a state of “militias” and multiple authorities, saying that the Salame is surrounded by graduates from “Tora Bora,” as he put it.

The United Nations support mission in Libya expressed “deep concern” about the deployment of troops of Hifter in the south last week.

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