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Al-Mesmari: Justice and Construction Has Achieved Little

A member of the Supreme Committee of the Justice and Construction Party, Saleh Al-Mesmari, said that the meeting of the Commission did not achieve anything, and its outputs are a repeat of what was agreed upon at the previous meeting.

In a statement to the ArraedLg, on Saturday,  Al-Mesmari confirmed that the meeting did not deal with real solutions for the only issue on the agenda, which is to discuss the report of the committee that is formed to find solutions to the legal issues that hinder the convening of the general conference of the party.

He added that if these problems remain pending and if the General Conference will  be held without addressing them, it will challenge him, in light of the harsh conditions experienced by the country, which prevents many members from renewing their membership, and that no one has the right to freeze their membership in such circumstances.

Al-Mesmari explained that the neglect of the political situation and the insistence on the convening of the General Conference amid these circumstances will put people responsible for unknown responsibilities and implications, he said.

The current president of the party Mohammed Sawan, before, called for the need to hold the second general conference of the party on schedule in January of 2019, after he announced not to run for the party’s presidential election.

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