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Al-Mesmari admits defeat and announces the re-formation of their operations room and continued fighting in the middle of the desert.

It was only a few days after the militia of Haftar fled from the areas it was occupying in the vicinity of the capital, Tripoli, and the rest of the western region that the spokesman for these militias officially announced their defeat in front of the Libyan army.

This defeat Is represented in announcing the restructuring of the Al-Karama operations room and assigning new officers to be able to lead the conduct of the battles, as well as covering up the withdrawal by saying that they had to do so in order to spare the cities and civilians the losses, and the reality contradicts that as this aggression caused Heavy loss of life and property to civilians.

Confession of failure

What is known as the General Command of the militias of Haftar announced their intention to reconfigure its main operations rooms, and assign “competent officers who are able to interact with the battle and its variables,” according to a statement attributed to them.

The statement said that they would continue to fight in the middle of the desert, adding that their withdrawal from the cities was to avoid civilian casualties.

This failure is not new. Abd Alsalam Alhassi, who was previously assigned by Haftar, to manage his operations in the western region after the liberation of the city of Ghiryan in July of 2019,he fled the battle field and then assigned Al-Mabrouk al-Ghazwi, who was also defeated by the army, and lost all his positions in the region in just nine days , after The Wagner mercenaries escaped from the south of Tripoli.


Al-Mismari had announced in one of his press conferences the relocation and withdrawal to about 3 km from the lines of fire, but this withdrawal continued for more than 500 kilometers to the east.

Haftar militias have escaped to the south, then to Al-Jufra and Sirte , and then to the east to Benghazi, where they were only able to withstand only a few days immediately after the withdrawal of the Russian Wagner mercenaries on May 29, after suffering heavy loses, due to the destruction of the Russian-made air defense systems. Pantsir ”, which was providing air cover, with army drone strikes.

Liberation of the western region

After that, the Libyan army spokesman, Colonel Pilot Mohamed Gnunu, announced their control over the entire western region after tightening control over southern Tripoli and the international airport, up to the city of Tarhuna, the main stronghold of Haftar militias for more than a year since the aggression.

The Alsisi initiative

This withdrawal was accompanied by the announcement of the Egyptian initiative to resolve the conflict in Libya, where the initiative contained the necessity of disarming the army forces present in Tripoli, leaving the city and reshaping the Presidential Council, and replacing it with a president and two deputies chosen from the historical regions of the country.

And this initiative was met with a swift and decisive rejection from the GNA , confirming the continuation of military operations in both Sirte and Al-Jufra, with army forces are stationed on the outskirts, waiting for the zero hour to storm them soon.

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