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Al-Meshri Reclaims the Cancellation of the Turkish Visa Imposed on Libyans

The head of the Supreme Council of State Khaled Al-Meshri, beckoned with the Turkish Defense Minister Khulosi Akar and the chief of staff of the Turkish armed forces canceling the Turkish visa demand for Libyans.

During his meeting with the Turkish delegation in Tripoli, on Monday, Al-Mushri summoned Turkish companies to resume their suspended work in Libya and the return of Turkish Airlines to work in the country and develop relations and cooperation in all political, economic and military fields between the two countries.

On his part, the delegation expressed his readiness to help Libya and intensify meetings and cooperation until the country reaches the stage of security and stability, stressing that the solution of the crisis is at the hands of Libyans.

The Turkish Foreign Minister “Jawish Oglu”, said in April during a meeting with the Foreign Minister Mohamed Sayala that his country seeks to exempt some ages of Libyan citizens from the visa to enter Turkey, which was imposed by the government in October of 2015.

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