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Al Manifi and the Greek PM stress the importance of activating the agreements .. What is the fate of the Turkish agreement with Libya?

In November 2019 Libya signed a cooperation agreement with Turkey related to security cooperation and the maritime domain, the agreement that added to Libya more than 39 thousand kilometers of water.

The signing of the agreement was also accompanied by great opposition from Greece, which considered the signing of the agreement a violation of the sovereign rights of other countries and a violation of the international law of the seas.

Ambiguity surrounds the fate of the Libyan-Turkish agreement through what is rumored that Libya and Greece can sign an agreement on demarcating the border between the two countries, which may add tension to relations and further confusion over this matter.

Confirmation and denial

The media had quoted the Greek Prime Minister, “Kyriakos Mitsotakis”, that an agreement had been signed between Libya and Greece; For the immediate resumption of maritime border demarcation talks between the two countries.

Following this announcement, the President of the Presidential Council, Muhammad Al-Manifi, denied signing the agreement with Greece, as he confirmed that the Council could not conclude any international agreements, and this matter is not one of the council’s prerogatives according to the Geneva Accord.

Al-Manifi did not rule out concluding agreements at a later time, as the two parties emphasized the importance of activating the work of the joint committees between the two countries. In preparation for any future agreements that may be concluded by the next elected authority, including the issue of demarcating the borders of the economic and maritime zone between the two countries.

Turkish response

For his part, the former Chief of Staff of the Turkish Navy, Jihad Yaji, responded to the possibility of signing the agreement between Libya and Greece, that Libya would not have had this large water distance if not for the Turkish agreement, which is estimated at 39 thousand kilometers of water.

“Yaji” confirmed in statements to Al-Jazeera that Greece wants to plunder the water areas of Libya, Egypt and the Arab countries.

Over enthusiasm

In this context, journalist Abdulaziz Al-Ghanai said that Al-Manifi deals with this file in a manner that is tainted by excessive enthusiasm, as Greece has a position closer to zero in the space of the European Union.

Al-Ghanai also indicated, in statements to Arraed, that Greece has a bad and miserable role during the aggression on Tripoli and its recognition of the parallel government.

Al-Ghanai explained that Greece, during the demarcation of the border between Tripoli and Ankara, insulted Libya and expelled its ambassador, who was specifically Mohammed Al-Manifi himself, while it summoned the Turkish ambassador in Athens for consultations, meaning that it looks at Libya with a look of contempt, so I hope that Al-Manifi will save his face and present Libya before Greece specifically on the side of sovereignty and stability, not dependency and obedience.

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