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Al-Majei: The plan to liberate Tarhuna is ready and close.

A spokesperson for the Volcano of Anger operation, Mustafa Al-Majei, announced on Wednesday that the plan for the liberation of Tarhuna city from Haftar militias is ready and the operation is very close.

Al-Majei added, according to the Anatolia Agency, that the air force has already started the operation, which is targeting air defenses in Tarhuna after monitoring its locations, which is a prelude to the ground attack, which will be soon without mentioning a date.

It is worth noting that the Libyan army spokesperson, Colonel Mohamed Qanunu said on Wednesday that the Air Force launched 5 air strikes inside the city of Tarhuna, in which a Russian air defense system, an Emirati Tiger armored vehicle, 130 armored vehicles and 3 armed vehicles were destroyed.

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