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Al-Majei : The liberation of Alwittia is of great military importance.

On Monday, a spokesman for the Volcano of Anger Operation, Mustafa Al-Majei , said that Alwittia Air Force Base is of a very great military importance, given its geographical location and its storage capacity.

In a statement to the pioneer, Al-Majei affirmed that the force that controls the base has the upper hand in the western region, noting that after the loss of the “war criminal” Haftar of the base all became in favor of the Libyan army forces, given that the base with all its capabilities has become an added value to the army, and it can be used in military operations to complete the journey of liberation, whether in the city of Tarhuna or later in Aljufra and Sirte.

Al-Majei indicated that Al-Qaeda was used by Haftar at the beginning of his aggression against Tripoli, and it was used to launch his flight, which bombs the capital, Tripoli, and Misrata.
In addition all supplies that support Haftar from external countries, arrive there including mercenaries, weapons, ammunition, and mechanisms that gathered at this base.

It is worth noting that the Libyan army forces announced, Monday, extending its control over the entire Air Force Base, bringing the entire western region into the hands of the GNA.

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