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Al-Majai: Hifter’s militias will be defeated the coming days

The spokesman of Borqan Al-Qadab operation Mustafa Al-mjai, said the state of calm witnessed in frontlines; Is due to the preparations for a major decisive battle to come, indicating that the defeat of Hafter’s forces in Ghiryan will be repeated in the coming days.

Al-Mjai added on Monday that armed groups with their military numbers and equipment from hafter forces handed themselves over to the Libyan army personnel continuously, adding that the last group had surrendered itself in the Ain Zara front after their full confirmation that their ranks had collapsed. Their leaders, and for a long time have not been communicated with them or given orders to progress, or any military movement, according to the interview of Al-mjai with Libya Al-Ahrar.

Al-Mujai pointed out that Hafter’s militias have disintegrated and disrupted in all their fronts, realizing that if they return they will die, and if they march towards the Libyan army, they will be an easy prey for them only to find themselves surrendering and get amnesty from the Libyan army.

In a related context, Al-mjai talked about the air strikes from Hafter’s UAE backed drones, that these strikes are an attempt to cover its failure on the ground.

It is noteworthy that the Libyan army spokesman Colonel pilot Mohammed Qannounu confirmed Sunday that the air force defenses in Misrata Air College shot down a UAE drone  participated in the bombing of the city’s airport.

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