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Al-Khayali: The Cause of the Sewage Crisis is the Destruction of People

The mayor of Sabha Hamid Al-Khayali, on Monday, said that the sewage crisis was caused by the theft of some of the network equipment and the destruction of some people.

In a statement to ArraedLg, Al-Khayali said that the municipality received from many sides pumps for water discharge, generators and discharge vehicles, all of which were stolen, looted and vandalized by citizens.

Al-Khayali pointed out that the municipality had agreed with an international organization to build a sewage network at the cost of € 200,000,000 from the secondary area to the main station, adding that the solution of the sewage problem lies in the implementation of a 16 km line outside the city with the cost of 45 million dinars, according to studies prepared in this regard.

The sewage treatment plant in Sabha has been inactive for some time, resulting in a rash of sewage, black swamps and pools in the streets and neighborhoods of the city.

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