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Al Karama media ignores the corruption of Haftar and his sons and accuses Al-Thinni.

The eastern region has recently witnessed demonstrations in several cities against the rampant financial corruption in state institutions, such as theft of public money, overstepping powers, and jumping over competencies and others.

As soon as these demonstrations began, Haftar’s media worked to instruct citizens that corruption is rampant, because of the government of Thinni, forgetting the theft of Haftar’s sons and their horses, which are worth millions, and the budgets that are spent to equip his militias, regardless of the citizen’s condition.

35 billion Libyan dinars

Reuters revealed in April 2019 that Khalifa Haftar had funded his militia and military operations in the east of the country with debts amounting to about $ 25 billion.

Reuters indicated in a report that Haftar draws funding for eastern Libya from a combination of informal bonds, cash printed in Russia, and deposits from banks in the east of the country, accumulating debt of nearly 35 billion Libyan dinars ($ 25.18 billion) outside the formal banking system.

Saddam Haftar theft

The report of the United Nations Group of Experts on Libya revealed the control of the 106th Brigade, under the command of Saddam Haftar, at the end of 2017, over the Central Bank of Libya branch in the central region of the city of Benghazi, and the transfer of large quantities of cash and silver to an unknown destination.

The report submitted to the UN Security Council issued in September 2018 confirmed that the contents of the treasury confiscated by the 106th Brigade led by Saddam Khalifa Haftar are estimated at 639 million 975 thousand Libyan dinars, 159 million and 700 thousand euros, one million and 900 thousand dollars, in addition to 5869 silver coins.

800 million Libyan dinars

The deputy governor of the parallel Central Bank of Libya in Al-Bayda , Ali Al-Hibri, said in 2018 that the money that was in the central bank in Benghazi throughout the war in the city was destroyed by the sewage water that entered the bank, the amounts estimated at about 800 million Libyan dinars, 60 million euros, and 80 million A dollar, and there were conflicting reports about the destination to which the money was transferred, to the Central Bank of Libya in Al-Bayda, or to the headquarters of Al Karama Operation in the Al-Rajma area in the outskirts of Benghazi.

The Minister of Finance of the Government of National Accord, Osama Hammad, at the time, asked the Governor of the Central Bank of Libya in Tripoli, al-Siddiq al-Kabeer, for an urgent investigation into the case of “theft” of funds and quantities of gold from the Central Bank branch in Benghazi.

Althinni is corrupted

Governor of the Libya parallel Bank in the Eastern Province Al-Hibri confirmed in a televised interview with one of Haftar’s channels that the Prime Minister of the parallel government, Abdullah Al-Thinni, disbursed an amount of 360 million dinars in just ten days after asking for one billion dinars, to confront the Corona virus.

Haftar TV tried not to mention the work of the Corona Committee and its expenditures in the Eastern Region, which took the money through the parallel government, in an attempt to falsify the facts, because the committee is managed militarily by one of Haftar’s arms, who spent all the money on Haftar’s militia and in support of the aggression against Tripoli, and the Russian Wagner mercenaries.

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