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Al-Jazawi: The Egyptian leadership wants to return Libya to square one.

Member of Parliament Saad Al-Jazawi said on Tuesday that the Egyptian parliament is supposed to have a broader vision of “political leadership” in observing the right of neighborhood, but the legislative institution in totalitarian and military regimes is “an image without content.”

Al-Jazawi said, in a statement to Arraed, that the Egyptian parliament’s decision to authorize Alsisi to send forces outside his country is to return the situation in Libya to square one, by supporting a specific faction to rule the country, and this was evident by their support for Haftar militias in his coup against the legitimate government In Tripoli.

Al-Jazawi stressed that the Egyptian regime fears that a democratic civil government in Libya might be a model for the people seeking democracy in the region.

It is worth noting that the House of Representatives considered, in a statement issued on Tuesday, what was issued by the Egyptian parliament is directly threatening the use of force and violating the sovereignty of the Libyan state.

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