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Al-Hasadi: Marwan’s statement contradicts the ABCs of the civil state.

Member of the Supreme Council of State Mansour Al-Hasadi said, on Saturday, that what was stated in the statement of Major General Abdul Basit Marwan is inconsistent with the principles of the civil democratic state, especially in light of the continued confrontation of the military, who have turned against the legitimate authorities.

Al-Hasadi added, in a statement to Arraed, “We are still seeking to reach a democratic civil state that is based only on components, the most important of which are the constitution and law, separation of powers, equal opportunities, citizenship, and the fight against corruption, favoritism, quotas and abhorrent regionalism.”

Al-Hasadi explained that the new era of democracy requires adherence, practice, continuity and defense. Until a generation emerges that rejects tyranny and dictatorship in all its forms and types, that imbues freedom, democracy and justice, and does not neglect them, whatever it is, as he put it.

On Friday, the Presidency Council of the Government of National Accord sent a letter to the Military Prosecutor to investigate the statement issued by the commander of the Tripoli military region, Abdulbaset Marwan, and take legal measures against it in accordance with the penal code and military procedures.

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