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Al-Hami: The Amendments Of The HOR Are “Lethal” To The Political Agreement

A member of the Supreme Council of State Naima El-Hami said that the Council had rejected Article 2 of the constitutional amendment specifically and the rest of the articles accept the amendments, noting that there’s contact with the Speaker of the House of Representatives Aquila Saleh on clarifying these amendments.

In a statement to the media,El-Hami said that the amendments of the House of Representatives, especially the second article, came “fatal” to this agreement, because it destroys all the bodies that are from the political agreement, stressing that the vote of rejection and the adoption of amendments came from the Council as a whole, she also mentioned that she’s surprised that the linking of the “rejection of these amendments were inclined to the President of the Council, Khalid Al-Meshri, only.”

The Supreme Council of the State categorically rejected Article 2 of the 10th constitutional amendment and promised the tenth and eleventh amendments to the constitutional declaration issued by the House of Representatives, whioch contradicts the article 12 of the additional provisions of the political agreement.

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