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Al-Ghweill: Bashagha is the best person to take over the next government .. What was Hosni Bey comment ?

After the participants in the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum reached an agreement on a proposal for a mechanism for selecting the executive authority; Nominations are starting to appear for new executive positions.

A member of the Institute of Policies at Johns Hopkins University and a former advisor to the World Bank, Hafez Al-Ghweil believes that the best person who can assume the post of prime minister of the government to be formed is the current Minister of Interior, Fathi Bashagha.

Al-Ghweil said – on his official page – that one of the reasons for choosing Bashagha was that he proved his seriousness in assuming his position as Minister of Interior and fighting corruption in it, adding that he was the only figure who was in the forefront during the war on the capital and spoke with all courage, while the president and members of the Presidential Council disappeared and spent most of their time outside the country, as he put it.

Al-Ghweil stated that Bashagha is the only person who has publicly stood up to militias and extremists in the western region, and among the few who was not involved in corruption, and has several honorable stances against the UAE, which funded and armed Haftar and bombed Tripoli.

Al-Ghweil indicated that Bashagha deals with public affairs realistically and without fuss, and he is the only official that the militias cannot outbid in his stance against the former regime.

Al-Ghweil stressed that Bashagha enjoys the respect of everyone he met in world capitals, especially Washington, while Al-Sarraj and Maiteiq did not obtain this respect despite their attempts to adulation, pointing out that he has a future outlook for the country, reviving the economy and business, fighting corruption and crime, imposing law and providing services.

Al-Ghweil concluded that Bashagha was the first to extend his hand to the other side and stressed that he would not accept or recognize the country that is not united and does not embrace everyone.

In his comment on Al-Ghweil’s post, Libyan businessman Hosni Bey agreed with Al-Ghweil , stressing that Interior Minister Fathi Bashagha is the right choice for the post of prime minister.

Hosni Bey said that all Bashagha needs is to choose the best advisors for him to get the country out of the crisis and reach the elections.

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