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Al-Faqih: The liberation of Alwittia is a strong blow to Haftar, who will soon be leaving the scene.

On Monday, Member of Parliament Suleiman al-Faqih described the liberation of Alwittia base from Haftar’s militias as a strong blow to Haftar, and his intransigence, pride, and arrogance, indicating that Haftar faced successive defeats, and his exit from the scene is soon.

 Al-Faqih said, in a statement to Arraed, that all Libyans, especially in eastern and southern Libya, must prepare and create conditions to join the embrace of the homeland, and remove all rebels and coup leaders, and those who believe in authoritarianism and the survival of the previous regimes.

Al-Faqih stressed that the countries that support Haftar should review their positions before it is too late, especially mentioning Egypt and France, explaining that the relations with the people are those that last and not with politicians.

Al-Faqih indicated that the government of reconciliation should distinguish between the countries that support Haftar. Perhaps there are countries that are requested to return, and their positions are reviewed, such as the neighbor of Egypt, and firmness should be used with countries that do not have an acceptable or unacceptable justification such as that of the Emirates and Sudan that send mercenaries to the country, so they should be clear with them, and they must be prosecuted locally and internationally.

It is worth noting that the Libyan army took control, on Monday morning, of Alwittia air base, after the militias of Haftar fled from it, and captured several armed vehicles and weapons, and a Russian air defense system of the type “Pantsir”.

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