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Al-Faqih: Shelling houses and killing children reveals the true character of Haftar and the countries that support him.

Member of Parliament Suleiman al-Faqih said Thursday that the continuous bombardment of homes by Haftar and the killing of children expresses his true identity and the personality of the countries that support him such as Egypt and the Emirates that are not concerned with any international or moral laws.

Al-Faqih added, in a statement to Arraed, that Haftar’s military mentality is a sick mentality, as it means “I either rule you or kill you.” This is what some people said on their radio stations, so they should win even if they continue to kill innocent people, indicating that this behavior is not surprising for him, but the strange thing ist is the silence of the international community and the UN mission, which has spoken in terms that do not describe reality.

Al-Faqih stressed that they are now counting on the Libyan army and the supporting force to put an end to this bombardment, and Haftar must be defeated and the liberation of all the Libyan soil, whether the western, southern, or eastern regions, and injustice must be lifted on all Libyans, for sure there are daily crimes, as the eastern region is not covered by the media and will be exposed after his defeat, and it will be seen what the the Libyan suffered from repression in his prisons and the humiliation of some families.

Al-Faqih demanded that after the clarification of matters and the dust settled down on the GNA and its supporters from countries that still uphold legitimacy and human morals, this matter should be resolved and not prolonged.

It is worth noting that the ambulance and emergency services announced on Wednesday the killing of a child, the injury of his sister, and the injury of two other children, as a result of the fall of a random shell fired by the militias of Haftar on traiq Alsour area.

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