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Al-Faqih: Alsisi is in a hysterical state after the failure of the project he was relying on in Libya.

Member of Parliament Suleiman al-Faqih said on Sunday that the statements of Egyptian President Abdelfattah Alsisi reflect the state of emptiness he has reached, it shows a blatant interference, added to his to previous negative interventions , whether he supported by arms or mercenaries.

Al-Faqih added, in a statement to Arraed, that the statement lacks diplomacy and professionalism and does not elevate to the speech of a head of state, asking the government of reconciliation and legal bodies to have a firm and diplomatic role, and to be decisive in their response.

Al-Faqih confirmed that Alsisi is now in a hysterical state. Because his project, which he was counting on in Libya with a dictatorial and rebellious regime similar to what he did, did not happen, indicating that hostility is not with the Egyptian people at all, but Alsisi’s negative politics is categorically rejected , according to his expression.

Al-Faqih considered that Alsisi was trying to cover up his internal problems, and what is happening in the Al Nahda Dam negotiations with Ethiopia by fabricating verbal wars outside his homeland to distract his people from his problems.

On the support of the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain for what Alsisi said, Al-Faqih said that it is the same axis and have the same goals as it seeks to suppress peoples and to persuade their people with oppression and not to practice freedom and try to convey the message that “freedom is chaos and fighting”

It is worth noting that Egyptian President Abdelfattah Alsisi said on Saturday that they are ready to intervene directly in Libya, announcing the cities of Sirte and Al-Jufra a red line for his forces.

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