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Al-Aradi: The mission continues to search for a mechanism to choose the executive authority.

A member of the Dialogue Committee, Abdulrazzaq Al-Aradi, said in a statement to Arraed Tuesday that the UN mission continues to search for a mechanism by which to choose the executive authority that will deal with the issue of elections, pointing out that the survival of the current Presidential Council and its government until the upcoming elections is “unfounded.”

Al-Aradi explained that it was agreed during today’s session to set December 21 as the date for the start of the next preliminary stage, pointing out that the track related to the elections set on December 24 next year had opened, and hopes for holding them on time increased with this historic achievement.

Al-Aradi stressed that the House of Representatives and the Supreme Council of the state have 60 days from the date set for reaching an understanding about the occupants of the sovereign positions, otherwise the matter will be transferred to the Libyan political dialogue forum.

Al-Aradi indicated that the mission will form an advisory committee to reach the ratio on the basis of which the comparison between the second and third options will be made in choosing the executive authority.

It is worth noting that the UN Acting Envoy to Libya Stephanie Williams held, on Tuesday, a session with members of the dialogue to search for the mechanism by which the executive authority will be chosen.

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