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Al-Arabi Al-Jadeed reveals Haftar’s supporters abandoned him after realizing his is losing the war.

Al-Arabi Al-Jadeed revealed that Haftar’s regional and international supporters abandoned it after realizing its loss of the war that they spent a lot on, and they pretended they were busy fighting Corona.

The newspaper revealed on its official website, on Tuesday, that Libyan circles close to the Haftar made extensive contacts in every direction, while he visited one of the capitals of the countries that secretly support him, to search for broader support to avoid the continuation of his collapse, noting that Haftar has become isolated.

The site noted that Turkey’s support to the European health sectors prompted many of those countries to back away from the support of the European “Ireni” project, which was pushing Paris towards the shores of Libya, in fact targeting to cut the road to continuing Turkish communication with Tripoli by sea.

The site pointed out that the American veto of accepting the candidacy of the Algerian diplomat, Ramtan Lamamra, to occupy the position of UN envoy in Libya, came under Egyptian and Emirati diplomatic pressure, due to the two countries’ fears that the Algerian approach to resolving the Libyan crisis contradicts their interests.

Al-Arabi Al-Jadeed explained that the Volcano of Anger forces did not announce its monitoring of the presence of Russian “Wagner” elements during its advance and control of the eight cities and regions west of Tripoli, which suggests that the Wagner Company learned of Haftar’s loss, so it moved its equipment out of danger.

It is worth noting that the army forces took control, last Saturday, of areas inside the administrative borders ofTarhuna, after launching a military operation towards the city, to liberate it from the militias of Haftar.

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