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Air Raids and Ground Attacks: GNA Loyal Forces not Holding Back in Fight Against ISIS

(Author: Libyan Gazette Editorial Staff)


GNA armed forces used air raids to strengthen their attacks on the ground against ISIS in Sirte on Friday.

GNA Spokesman Reda Issa announced, “Our air force today launched an intense series of airstrikes that targeted various (ISIS) positions in Sirte.”

“Military engineering teams are working to clear mines and bombs planted by (ISIS) to open the way for our ground forces to continue their advance on different parts of the city,” Issa said.

The media centre for Operation Strong Foundation (Albinyan Almarsous), reported that at dawn on Friday, four GNA-backed fighters were killed in the battle against ISIS. Two of the dead are from Misrata, one from Tripoli and one from Surmon.

The media centre also reported that 24 soldiers were wounded in clashes on Friday as they fought ISIS militants who were trying to advance towards the sea. The wounded came from various Libyan cities: Misrata, Tripoli, Khoms, Nalut, Ubari, Sabha, and Surmon.

The fight to free Sirte from ISIS has been going on since mid-May. On June 9th the GNA backed forces were finally able to get into Sirte.

ISIS fighters launched a counterattack using sniper fire, car bombs, and suicide bombers.

The most intense fighting took place on June 22 where 36 GNA-loyal fighters were killed and over 150 wounded.

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