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After US pressure … Haftar comply and opens oil.

Khalifa Haftar has returned to announce the resumption of oil production and exports after the material losses of his illegal closures of the ports and oil fields since January 17 , reached 10 billion dollars.

While Haftar announced that this decision is a result of his agreement with the Representative in the Presidential Council, Ahmed Maiteeq, many see it as a result of international pressure exerted on him, especially from the American side.

Opening the oil

Khalifa Haftar announced, on September 19, in a televised meeting, the opening of oil production and export on the condition that its revenues be equitably distributed among all Libyans, and that his revenues are not used to finance terrorism and armed militias, as he described.

American pressure

Haftar’s announcement came after a statement by the American Embassy in which it revealed Haftar’s commitment to open oil, as the United States Embassy in Libya confirmed that it had received a personal commitment from him to allow the entire energy sector to reopen no later than September 12th.

The embassy stressed, in a statement on its official page, that it considers the immediate implementation of these commitments vital to enhancing “the well-being of the Libyan people.”

International pressure

The British “Financial Times” newspaper also reported, on September 20, that Khalifa Haftar has been subjected to international pressure. To lift the blockade on oil, after more than 8 months of closing it.

Denial and Exception

And while the National Oil Corporation refused to recognize the Haftar-Maitiq agreement as not being illegally and not issued by the Presidency Council.

At the same time, it announced a partial lifting of the force majeure from safe fields and ports, and its continuation on the fields where the “Wagner” gangs and other armed groups are stationed which impede the activities and operations of the institution.

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