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After tossing his failing zero hours .. Cities in the western region are responding to Hifter by announcing ” state of moblization” to put an end to the battle.

In a new development to deter Hifter’s aggression, a number of components and cities in the western region declared the extreme “state of moblization” as they prepare for the decisive battle days after Hifter’s last speech in which he launched what he called the zero hour for his forces to storm Tripoli.

Misurata declares “state of moblization”

The leaders of the city of Misrata, civil and military, declared in a statement the decisive “state of moblization”, to eradicate the tyranny and injustice and to use all its capabilities to support the GNA in confronting the aggression against the capital Tripoli.

The statement stressed that the city puts all its capabilities and weight at the disposal of the state for the decisive battle asking the presidential council to take advantage of all opportunities and exploit all possibilities and harnessing all sectors of the state for the battle, calling on all Libyan cities to register their position in the nation’s battle against “the forces of the tyranny and aggression” according to the statement.

Zliten harnesses its capabilities to repel aggression

Zliten city components called on all the city’s security and military institutions to mobilize and respond to the brutal force led by Hifter.

The city’s components asserted in their statement that they would harness all the capabilities and potentials of the city in order to overcome all difficulties for the battle to defend the capital until the establishment of the civil state, and the peaceful transfer of power, where there is no place for tyrants and dictators in it, according to the statement.

Decisive days

The head of the Atghier ( change ) Party, Jumah Alqumati, considered that the city of Misurata declaring the “state of mobilization” and sending more military force will be crucial to the destiny of the battle to defend Tripoli.

Alqumati added in a tweet on his account on “Twitter” that war criminal Hifter is floundering militarily and politically, with some of his supporters reviewing their positions, and they are expected to abandon him at the Berlin conference. According to him.

All people’s battle

The National Project Assembly declared its support for the mobilization in order to resolve the battle against Hifter’s aggression, calling on all cities, political parties, civil society organizations and all believers in the civil state to stand against this aggression and align with the future of the country.

The assembly emphasized, in a statement, that the battle to confront the return of the dictatorship and the victory of the civil state is not a battle for a party or city, or a coalition or a groupe, but rather a battle for the entire soil of the homeland, and that defeating the aggression against the capital is the first step to win the battle and preserve the unity of the country.

Observers believe that Hifter’s latest speech and the failed zero hour he announced increased the state of solidarity and togetherness in the western region and most of its active components to accelerate the end of the battle and especially repel his aggression, and that the signs of his defeat began to appear on the horizon.

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