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After threatening to curtail his powers … Alkabeer opens the bank doors for international auditing.

Since Alkabeer came to the throne of the Central Bank of Libya on September 26, 2011 by decision of the National Transitional Council to this day – it has not been without criticism and accountability and accusations of administrative and financial corruption, abuse of position, and control of the financial decision.

The most prominent and strongest charges against the Alkabeer was spoiling the financial policy of the state, tampering with the capabilities of the Central Bank, granting credits to those close to him, and other matters during his tenure as governor who was not held accountable or questioned for all of these accusations.

Alkabeer worked hard to jump on the powers of the executive authority in the country, and his unilateral decision without referring to legislation and legal regulations in the absence of supervisory authorities.

Alkabeer is subjected to Impeachment

Central Governor, after he rejected several appeals and reform demands to accelerate the Libyan economy – appeared with Acting UN envoy to Libya, Stephanie Williams, with a lenient and non-rejecting appearance of any accountability or auditing.

Alkabeer announced, when international claims rose, that he would change and marginalize the Central bank’s work by transferring oil revenues to another account, and opening the bank’s doors for international auditing.

Governor intransigent

Among the most prominent accusations leveled against is his intransigence and unilateral decision, and of violating the powers of others, the Ministry of Finance said earlier this year that the central bank returned financial transactions on the pretext of not adopting financial arrangements for 2020 more than once, which indicates the intransigence of the governor.

The ministry added, in a statement in this regard, that the central arguments are flimsy and indicate a lack of understanding and follow-up by the central bank officials of the prevailing legal situation, and that despite the availability of financial coverage, the central bank is still ignores legal texts, and has used the administrative dictatorship method.

Alkabeer hinders the Financial Ministry work

Alkabeer’s jump on the powers of the Ministry of Finance was not the first of its kind, as Finance Minister Faraj Boumtari submitted his resignation to the President of the Presidential Council, Fayez al-Sarraj, in December 2018; Because the central government fabricated obstacles against the Ministry of Finance, and Al-Sarraj refused the resignation.

Boumtari explained that the major is jumping on the powers of the executive bodies while he is supposed to work on achieving economic growth within the framework of the state’s public policy.

Alkabeer overpowerring the Financial Ministry

The financial complaint from Alkabeer transgression of the executive authority, confirmed by the Office of Auditing, through its chief Khaled Shakshak, who said, that the Central Bank of Libya interfered with the competencies of the Ministry of Finance, and tried to direct financial arrangements as he deems it, even though both are under the supervision of the Bureau.

Shakshak asked about the existence of a law stipulating that the Central Bank of Libya monitors the government !? Of course, he replied that there is no legal text that gives the right to the Central Bank of Libya to control the Ministry of Finance, and this is corruption and a certain deviation.

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