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After the US embassy statement .. Hifter complied with a cease-fire … He was not concerned with the civilian deaths

Hifter spokesperson Ahmed Al-Mismari announced from his quarantine they accept the ceasefire and their commitment to the international community’s call to stop the fighting and allow the local authorities to fight the Corona epidemic.

This brief statement read by al-Mismari came after a statement by the American embassy in Libya requesting Haftar to stop hostilities and welcoming at the same time the President of the Presidential Council, Fayez Al-Sarraj, call for a humanitarian cease-fire.

 The American embassy also called for a halt of all foreign intervention and to allow medical personnel to combat the Corona virus pandemic. The Presidential Council announced earlier its welcome and approval of the humanitarian declaration on March 19 for the stop of all military actions to address the new Corona epidemic, stressing concern on the interests of all Libyans wherever they are, reaffirming its commitment to a decision The UN Security Council that reinforces the results of the Berlin conference.

 But Hifter took advantage of the declaration of a state of emergency declared by the GNA in the country to confront the pandemic of the Corona virus and shelled the capital’s neighborhoods with missiles and artillery that killed the lives of 5 women and wounded dozens, including children.

He also launched an attack supported by the Russian mercenaries and the Sudanese Janjaweed on the Ain Zara axis, but the army forces inflicted on them heavy loses in militants and equipment and killed nearly 24 mercenaries from Sudan and captured others.

However, the Hifter militia continued to bomb residential neighborhoods in the areas of Asawani, Souk Aljumaa, Ain Zara and Abusaleem until its shells reached the old city in Tripoli.

Hifter, who announced a curfew in the eastern region for fear of an outbreak of the Corona virus, did not care for the civilians in Tripoli who suffer from all kinds of shortages,the displaced of them amounted to a quarter of a million people who were displaced from the beginning of the aggression on April 4 of last year but he finally succumbed to the international pressure which he takes into account, while he does not care about the suffering of his countrymen who live in anticipation and fear of an outbreak of the virus and stayed in their homes, but his random shells did not spare them while they were safe in their houses.

Most countries with hostilities between them announced uniting their efforts to respond to the epidemic scientifically and humanitarianly, but Hifter continued to bring in Syrian mercenaries into Benina Airport, and to use the Janjawid mercenaries and Russian Wagner, taking advantage of the world’s humanitarian crisis to fulfill his dream of seizing power that will never be achieved.

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