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After the opening of the coastal road was delayed .. 5 + 5 confirms that there are obstacles to opening it and hints at naming them.

Discussions and negotiations have always taken place in the meetings of the Joint Military Committee 5 + 5 about promises to open the coastal road and secure it from joint security forces from both sides and prevent any violations that obstruct this.

Now, after nearly nine rounds of meetings of the 5 + 5 committee, she revealed that in the event that the road is not opened, the obstructers will be named and the reasons that led to that and the necessary measures will be taken, this means that there are parties seeking to increase the suffering of the citizen and the instability of the country.

Naming spoilers

The 5 + 5 Joint Military Committee revealed that in the event that the road is not opened soon, the spoilers will be named and the reasons leading to that, to take the necessary measures.

The committee said – in a statement which Arraed obtained a copy – that they had chosen a command for the joint military force, and that the headquarters of the force was chosen in the city of Sirte, and that the force would be stationed in the two areas specified by the committee.

The committee added that it mandated the command of the force to merge individuals from both sides together and redistribute them to the two specified areas.

In the same context, the committee announced the intensification of its efforts to accelerate the implementation of the terms and provisions of the ceasefire, calling on countries to immediately withdraw their mercenaries and foreign fighters from the Libyan territories.

Internationalist resentment

The special envoy to Libya, Jan Kubis, during his meeting with the 5 + 5 committee in Sirte, expressed his dissatisfaction with the delay in opening the coastal road, stressing the speedy removal of all obstacles to reopening the road.

Kubis and the committee stressed the need to start withdrawing mercenaries, foreign fighters and foreign forces without further delay as a decisive measure for the stability of Libya, ensuring its security and unity, and for the stability and security of the entire region.

Al Manifi and 5 + 5

In the same context, last Tuesday, President of the Presidential Council, Muhammad Al-Manfi, held a meeting with the Joint Military Committee on the issue of opening the coastal road and the extent of the readiness of the committee and the committees emanating from it to start opening the road in terms of logistical equipment and security stops.

For its part, the committee said that the road opening is in its final stages, as the area has been surveyed of mines, and most of the security stops have been established, stressing that most of the logistical measures are in their final stages.

Despite these assurances and preparations, why was the coastal road not opened and who are the obstructers?

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