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After the massive disapproval of his coup locally and internationally … Haftar backs down and declares his commitment to the legitimacy of the deputies.

After facing a storm of rejection and condemnation of the coup he committed against the constitutional framework of the political process in Libya, which is the Skhirat Agreement, and the bodies emanating from it, led by the GNA – Haftar began retracting its coup.

As usual, Haftar authorized Al-Mismari to explain that his coup against legitimacy is only a overthrow of the Presidential Council and the Council of State without the House of Representatives, which Al-Mismari considered a representative of all Libyans!

Haftar is Retracting

A spokesman for the aggressive militia, Al-Mismari, said that Haftar’s acceptance of the “popular mandate” does not mean ending the House of Representatives at all, but ending the Presidential Council and the Council of State. Because the House of Representatives came through free and fair elections, and it represents all shades of the Libyan people.

Al-Mismary continued, during a press conference held yesterday, that the work of Parliament can only be terminated with free and fair elections such as the 2014 elections to transfer power peacefully and democratically, accusing those who joined the Parliament in Tripoli that their motive for this is money and positions, and they do not represent the parliament or the Libyan people He said.

International rejection

The United Nations and major countries such as the United States, France and Russia, as well as Italy, Egypt, Turkey and the European Union, rejected the move that Haftar had made by turning against the political agreement.

Acting Head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya, Stephanie Williams, said that the Libyan political agreement and the institutions that derive from it – are the only internationally recognized framework in Libya, and that any political change must be through democratic means,

Cover for his defeat

The GNA considered Haftar’s announcement of his reversal of the political agreement and all political bodies – an attempt to cover the defeat that befell his militias, after the recent advances of the Libyan army forces as part of the “Peace Storm” operation, stressing the necessity of defeating his coup project.

The leader of the militias attacking Tripoli announced acceptance of what he called his “popular mandate” to lead the country at this stage and to overthorow the political agreement and the bodies that emanated from him, including the Parliament of Tobruk that give legitimacy to his militias.

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