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After the liberation of Alwittia base, reactions praising the army’s victories and faltering in Al Karama camp.

Reactions praising the Libyan army’s victories and its liberation Alwittia military base of from the Haftar militias that used it to bomb safe civilians in their homes, the Libyan state’s public institutions and the citizens’ private property.

Haftar militias have continued to defend Alwittia base after the countries supporting them provided them with the latest military air systems, weapons, and ammunition, before they fell into the hands of the military men, and the Air Force destroyed a number of them after days of monitoring and tracing.

The local reactions were supportive and welcoming, with the successive army victories over the militias of Haftar, from liberating the cities of the West Coast to the liberation of Alwittia base.

Beginning of the End

The Libyan Supreme Commander, Fayez al-Sarraj, announced yesterday, Monday, the liberation of the Alwittia military base from the grip of the Haftar militias and mercenary terrorists, confirming its accession to the liberated cities in the West Coast.

Al-Sarraj confirmed, in a statement, that liberating Alwittia does not represent the end of the battle, but rather brings the Libyan army forces closer to liberating all cities and regions to eliminate the project of domination and tyranny that threatens the hopes and aspirations of Libyans for democracy.

Continued liberation

The House of Representatives praised these successive victories, calling on the Libyan army to continue to liberate all parts of the country from the aggressors and to accelerate the return of the displaced to their homes.

The House of Representatives, in a statement after the liberation of the Alwittia base, offered its congratulations to all the Libyan people, members of the army and the forces supporting them for their liberation from the control of the armed gangs led by Haftar.

Curtain down

The head of the Justice and Construction Party, Mohamed Sawan, said that with the control of the GNA forces on the base of Alwittia and the expulsion of the Haftar militias from it. We are close to bringing down the curtain on Haftar and his supporters and his authoritarian military project, and the door is opened for all Libyans to start building their democratic state.

Sawan saluted all the fighters stationed on the fronts, expressing thanks to all the allies that stood with the Libyan people, led by Turkey and Qatar, in defending their cause by not returning the dictatorship and tyranny again.

No dialogue with Haftar

The Supreme Council of State asserted, after the blessing of the liberation of the Alwittia airbase, that there is no political dialogue except after the elimination of the coup project, and the removal of its people, who are the war criminal Haftar and his militias, who were immersed in the blood of the Libyans and their money and property.

The Supreme Council clarified, in a statement, that this victory indicates the size of the determination and bravery possessed by the military forces to repel the aggression of Haftar and its multinational mercenaries and extend the sovereignty of the state.

Haftar is finished

Interior Minister Fathi Bashaga confirmed, after the Alwittia base liberation, that Haftar is finished now, and his chance of success is no longer available!

Bashaga said, according to his Twitter account , that it is now wise for Haftar’s supporters, “Emirates, Russia, Egypt, Jordan” to rethink their attempts to undermine the Libyans dream of democracy.

Shocking defeat

After nearly 15 hours of silence, during which the Haftar media found no reason to cover for the defeat other than broadcasting misleading news, the Hadath channel owned by Haftar’s sons published false news about Alwittia base being bombed and about 20 members of the Libyan army were killed and transferred to a mock clinic bearing the name Afwanees in Zuwara, at a time when the army men were having a late meal at the base of the Alwittia.

This news was followed by the exit of the spokesperson for the aggressive militia, Ahmed Al-Mismari, at dawn, saying that their withdrawal from the base was a tactical withdrawal, and it was planned for months, and the fact they escaped from there in the cover of darkness, leaving behind the armored vehicles, weapons and the Russian air defense system “Pantsir”.

Not only did Al-Mismari do this, but he announced another tactical withdrawal of their militia from the south of Tripoli, calling it “relocation and disengaging with the residential neighborhoods in Tripoli during the Eid period,” according to his claim.

In the early morning hours, the Libyan army forces entered the Badr and Tigi areas of Batn al-Jabal, announcing the continuation of returning the remaining areas under Haftar control in the western region to the embrace of the homeland, the army now set sights on Tarhuna, the largest and last stronghold of the rebel militias in the western region.

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