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After the heavy blows received by the so called army , Haftar militias target hospitals and shut off water to Tripoli.

After a full year has passed for Haftar’s repeated failure since his aggression against Tripoli began on April 4, 2019, a year during which he was unable to achieve his wish to control the capital, and after the army launched the “Storm of Peace” operation that inflicted heavy losses on his militias and mercenaries, most recently the killing of 20 Russian mercenaries south of Sirte After the air force bombed their sites there – Haftar poured his anger at the civilians and rained scores of missiles in civilian neighborhoods in Tripoli.

Haftar militias targeted this time the “Alkhadra Hospital”, one of the largest hospitals in the capital, with a barrage of indiscriminate shells, which resulted in the injury of 4 people, including a worker of Bangladeshi nationality, and led to the failure of the electrical supply generator, which necessitated the evacuation of patients and their transfer outside the hospital, including one who was infected with the Corona virus, according to Statement of the Emergency Committee at the Ministry of Health.

The militias of Haftar was not satisfied with this crime. Rather, it attacked the workers of the Jabal Hasawneh system on the same day, and forced them to shut off water supplies to the cities of the western region, the Western Mountain area, and Tripoli, to increase the hardships of the residents of Tripoli, in addition to the war that has been waged against them non-stop for a full year.

Targeting residential neighborhoods and terrorizing safe residents in their homes has always been the approach of the Haftar militias since the beginning of the aggression, which caused the displacement of hundreds of thousands from their homes that were mostly destroyed, and the deaths of hundreds of civilians who were safe in their homes, in addition to the destruction of their homes and cars.

This wave of indiscriminate attacks of Haftar militias comes after the Libyan army launched days of repeated and accurate attacks on the sites of Haftar militias in the fighting axes and their supply lines.

Operations were very accurate in most of them, and were carried out in a number of locations in the western region, from West of Sirte to Tarhuna to Bani Waleed to Alwittyah, and even reached Al-Jufrah.

The published pictures showed that the targets were hit directly, targets that included the armed vehicles and locations with many militias and mercenaries inside, which resulted in the death and injury of dozens of them. The operations also resulted in the killing of a large number of Janjawid and Russian mercenaries, who were brought in by Haftar to kill Libyan youth in fighting axes, and targeting the homes and neighborhoods of citizens in Tripoli.

It appears from the reaction of the jerky Haftar militias and their random shelling , that the new tactic and alternative plans that the Libyan army began to use in the battle, caused terror and confusion to the militias of Haftar to the extent that made them increase their attacks on civilian neighborhoods and public facilities providing services to citizens, especially hospitals.

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