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After the gun has failed to break the resistance of the defenders of Tripoli … Hifter’s media uses its hate speech as a weapon to incite and sow discord

Each time Hifter’s media reveals its hateful face steeped in the blood of Libyans and inciting discord between them, in order to ensure that the blood shed stays alive to fuel the hatreds that would thwart any attempt for reconciliation.

Since the declaration of Alkarama operation, Hifter’s media has directed incitement on people and cities and tribes that oppose to Hifter, sometimes they describe them as “traitors” and sometimes as “terrorist” and “puppet” in other cases.Slogans used by Hifter’s media are still ongoing,as if they are saying who is not with us, he is not worthy of life and can not be honest or patriotic.

Sergiwa absence

The deputy in the House of Representatives Siham Sarqiwa is enering 140 days, and she is absent from view after the broadcaster Ahmed Alqumati incited on her during a phone call to his to one of his programs on Alhadath channel, which is run by one of Haftar’s sons.

Sergiwa was kidnapped from her home in Benghazi and her husband was seriously injured after she exercised her right as a member of the House of Representatives to express her opinion, her fate remains unknown until today, despite all local and international condemnations and appeals.

Despite her approaching the fifth month without knowing her fate, neither Cuneiform nor the bend came out one day to talk about her or asked to reveal her fate or announce what exactly happened to her, in a clear indication that everyone who opposes Hifter and his rule in the East is worthless and his position has no value and does not meet international standards and agreements.

Incitement on Gharyan

After the liberation of Gharyan in late June and the overwhelming defeat of Hifter’s forces and the collapse of their main operations room, Hifter’s media were quick to cover his defeat by launching a massive media campaign against the city and its people.

Hifter’s media accused Gharyan’s people of treason and his media promoted the killing his members in the city’s hospital, in an attempt to absorb the anger of the people of the eastern region, and to hide the size of the killing that caused his aggression,he poured lava on the city using his Emirati drones.

Muttlal the drummer the instigator
After the army forces shot down a Haftar MiG-23 plane over the skyline of the city of Zawiya and the arrest of its piolt, “Amer Aljaqem al-Urfi,” the media and Hifter’s electronic flies began to launch a systematic campaign against the cities of Azawia and Misurata, and one of Hifter’s trumpets, called “Muttlal,” crowed in one of the official channels of the parallel government, stating that the current war is already a war against the city of Misurata, threatening it with wiping, bombing and crushing.

The capture of the pilot who has an arrest warrant issued against him by the Atorney General in Tripoli, against the background of his killing of a number of civilians and his destruction of homes and civilian facilities ,reveal the truth about Hifter’s camp and his media
which never stopped using slogans ( Unified country , Army for all, Civil state ) it seems these slogans lost its luster which made the language of contradictions prevail these days in the media rhetoric, transforming it into a more lethal killing machine than weapons.The bullet after coming out loses its strength, but the words resonate forever.

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