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After the defeat of Haftar, Alsunni and Alqiblawi called for Libya to be spared more wars.

After liberating the entire western region of Haftar militias and their mercenaries and breaking the ambitions of the state supporting the aggression to divide Libya according to their whims to seize the country’s capabilities according to their interests and their hidden agendas, calls actually came from the GNA to talk about a political process

Foreign Ministry spokesman Muhammad al-Qiblawi warned honest Libyans from all parts of the country to realize the conspiracy against the homeland and cut the road for any attempt to convert Libya to settle international and regional accounts, calling for leaving differences aside to unify efforts to build the homeland with a pure national will.

Libya’s delegate to the United Nations, Al-Taher Al-Sunni, called, according to his Twitter account, for the Libyans to pay attention to the conspiracy happening now in settling accounts, calling on them to put their differences aside to define the future with pure national will.

Justification for Hifter’s stay

The writer Ali Abu Zayd saw that the military escalation at the present time, which is dominated by a sharp international division over Libya, is aimed at finding a justification for Haftar’s stay in the scene and eliminating any opportunity to start a political process in which Haftar is not part of.

Abu Zayd stated that in a statement to Arraed, the calls of the Alsunni and the Alqibalawi were directed towards a break in the attempts to recycle Haftar into the politicak scene through the military escalation which Haftar was feeding on its continuation.

Open war

The writer Abdullah Al-Kabeer explained that the statements of Al-Sunni and Alqiblawi reveals that fact that wants to ignite the war between the countries involved in the conflict, stressing that I have information about one or more parties seeking to escalate the conflict in Libya into an open war similar to Syria.

Alkabbeer explained, during a statement to Arraed, that all the countries involved in the conflict do not want war for several reasons, while the UAE due to its distance from the field of conflict and therefore will not be directly affected by it, and given its apparent hostility to Turkey, it is likely that it bombed the Alwitya base in the hope of igniting a war between Turkey and Egypt.

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