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After his media advisor denied his proposal for Haftar to name the prime minister … Al-Sarraj in his last speech confirms what was published by Arraed.

Arraed Media Network, last Tuesday, reported what the Italian newspaper “La Repubblica” revealed, that Italian Prime Minister “Giuseppe Conte” had received a letter from the President of the Presidency Council, Fayez Al-Sarraj, proposing that Haftar names the prime minister from the eastern region, provided that Al-Sarraj would continue to chair the Presidential Council.

Although the media advisor to the President of the Presidential Council, Hassan Al-Huni, vehemently denied what an Italian newspaper reported, a source close to Al-Sarraj confirmed to Arraed the authenticity of what was reported by the newspaper “La Repubblica”.

Speaking to Arraed, the source was surprised that some of Al-Sarraj’s advisers had denied the news after more than 20 hours of its transmission in various international and Libyan media networks.

In the midst of the issue, the Arraed network received a letter of blame from the Media Office of the Presidential Council for publishing this news despite them denying it, according to the message.

But the speech of the President of the Presidential Council, Fayiz Al-Sarraj, on the 69th anniversary of independence, reflected the truth of what was published by the Italian press, and confirmed by Arraed Network.

Al-Sarraj confirmed in his speech that the current government is able to organize elections on December 24 of next year, meaning that there is no need to form a new executive authority to supervise these elections, according to what the committees of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum are working on under the auspices of the UN mission.

Al-Sarraj did not mention in his speech the formation of a new presidential council despite his frequent talk about the need to form a new unified government, and stressed that the flow of oil revenues depends on the formation of this government, ignoring the need to change the Presidential Council and redefining its tasks in a way that achieves a balance between the Presidential Council and the government separated from it, which is What observers saw as a justification for his assignment of Haftar to name the new prime minister; to ensure that he remains at the head of the current presidential council.

Al-Sarraj also invited the members of the Presidential Council to convene and prepare for the upcoming elections, which further confirms his desire to continue, and explicitly indicated that the continuation of the flow of oil is linked to the formation of a unified government, and thus he explicitly declared his desire to form a government with the other party, away from the mission path that is heading to change the Presidential Council And who is the other party in the east other than Haftar! .

It is worth noting that Al-Sarraj announced months ago his desire to resign last October, but his recent call for members of the presidency to convene and form a national unity government confirms that declaring his desire to resign is more a political maneuver than a desire to leave, and giving priority to the country’s interest.

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