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After handing the base Alkhadim to the UAE … Haftar hands over the base of Al-Jufra to Russia.

For his dream of assuming power in the country, Haftar presented air bases to foreign countries, and made Libya an arena for proxy wars

After giving the UAE the base of Alkhadim in the east of the country, today he turns the base of Al-Jufra into a Russian base on Libyan soil.

According to reports, some Russian mercenaries who had escaped from the axes south of Tripoli were stationed at the Al-Jufra air base.

A Pentagon report also revealed the presence of a number of 14 Russian fighters, a mixture of “Sukhoi 24” and “MiG-29”, through which Russia wants to turn the scales in Libya in their favor by providing air support for Haftar.

Reports also revealed that the situation is not limited to war fighters only, as these satellite images of the Al-Jufra base on May 23, reveal the presence of MiG-23 and MiG-29 aircraft and Russian combat helicopters Mil-Mi-8 and Mi-21, In addition to a new radar system.

Is Haftar intending to hand over the Al-Jufra base to Russia to start targeting Libyan army sites and civilian neighborhoods in Tripoli?

Haftar had previously requested that

Political analyst Faraj Dardour said that converting the Al-Jufra base into a Russian base is not unexpected, because Haftar wants to take cover with any force that enables him to stay and control Libya in the future.

In a statement to Arraed network, Dardour added that the Russian forces have been present for some time, and they are the ones who control everything.

Dardour indicated that Hifter had previously asked the Russians to establish a permanent base for Russia in Libya.

The bet is still on a military solution

Political analyst Ali Abuzayd emphasized that the Russian engagement is crystal clear, and the escalation of the military presence is undeniable.

Abuzayd added, in a statement to Arraed Network, that handing Haftar the base of Al-Jufra to the Russians confirms that Haftar’s goal is power, even if that leads to compromising national sovereignty, and making Libya a scene of international struggle for influence and settling regional accounts.

Abuzayd said that this confirms the lack of credibility of the parties supporting Haftar in their commitment to the political solution in Libya, especially the permanent members of the Security Council (France and Russia), and are still betting on achieving their interests by supporting Haftar.

Converting Al-Jafra to a Russian base would make it a target

Political analyst Mohamed Ghemim said that part of the Russian forces withdrawing from the Tripoli axes had left by plane to Benghazi, and some had gone back to Syria.

In a statement to Arraed network, Ghemim added that about 300 vehicles accompanied by air defense systems arrived at Al-Jufra base.

And Ghemim indicated that it is possible that Al-Jufra is a gathering point, and not a staying point, because it is close to the western region and it may be a target area for the GNA jet fighters soon.

And Ghemim saw that the withdrawal of these forces came after international agreements from countries that have interests in Libya, and supports the legitimate government in Libya, including Turkey and America, and some countries that violate the legitimacy, and who do not want to go out without obtaining a compensation.

Mortgaging the country

For his part, political analyst Abdullah Al-Kabeer said that Haftar is mortgaging the country to his supporters, and since these countries are seeking direct and indirect military intervention, it is only natural that the bases, camps and all institutions within Haftar’s control are used .

Al-Kabeer added, in a statement to Arraed, that these countries are no longer empowering the Haftar cause, but investing in the conflict after Haftar turned it into a regional and international conflict.

Al-Kabeer indicated that the role of Haftar may end or be removed, but the projects of the countries that support him continue to expand militarly and increase their influence inside Libya to have a role and share when the season of harvest arrive.

Is Libya witnessing a regional conflict between Russia and NATO countries, or will the Russian role be content with supporting the Aqeelah Saleh initiative and pressing Haftar to return to the negotiating table?

And what will the responce of GNA and its allies be to this Russian expansion in the country?

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