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After Haftar’s request for authorization … Zintan adheres to legitimacy and describes him as a rebel.

After the successive defeats of his militias in the western region and the loss of the cities of Sabrata, Sorman and the besieging of Tarhuna City – the leader of the Karama militias, Khalifa Haftar , demanded his supporters to delegate him to rule Libya militarily away from the elections after the failure of his first appeal during 2018.

Haftar did not make his last appeal until after he realized the difficulty of controlling the capital, and he called for the overthrow of the political agreement signed in Skhirat in 2015.

The joint chamber of the political and social components of Zintan confirmed its rejection of what was stated in the Haftar speech, describing him as a rebel, stressing its support for the Supreme Commander of the Libyan Army, Fayez Asarraj, until the liberation of the entire country.

The Chamber, in a statement, considered the Haftar speech to bypass the legitimacy emanating from the constitutional declaration and the Libyan political agreement in Skhirat, and the the 17th of February revolution which toppled the military rule.

The Joint Chamber of Zintan Components called on the members of the House of Representatives in Tobruk to immediately join their colleagues in the capital, Tripoli, bearing them with the moral responsibility for the war and destruction suffered by the country.

But the question posed here is who authorized Haftar to attack the capital after a year of ruin, destruction and displacement? Is Haftar seeking to impose self-rule on the eastern region after his defeat in the western region to impose the reality of partition in the future?

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