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After Haftar closure of the oil … NOC : The Emirates are behind that … and the army declares readiness.

It is no longer hidden from anyone the extent of the crimes of Haftar towards the Libyan state and the citizens represented in the destruction, the siege and the closure of oil, and putting it in the hands of the mercenaries whom he brought to install him as the country’s military ruler but they failed to do so,they went for the oil card to be included in politics.

Haftar incursion into the living of the simple citizen after he closed the ports and oil fields in early January; To cause the 2020 state budget to be reduced and stop the state salaries for several months, and the rise in the price of the US dollar in the parallel market, which made the simple citizen suffer , not to mention losses amounting to 6.5 billion dollars due to these closures in only 6 months.

The authorization granted to Haftar

Spokesman for the militia of Haftar Ahmed Al-Mismari, confirmed nearly 36 hours after the oil was reopened that the closure of the oil ports and fields will continue until the achievement of the demands of those who previously closed them under the name of the mandate granted to Haftar, bypassing the Corporation’s decisions to lift the force majeure to export the oil that they announced Friday morning.

Confirmation of the existence of mercenaries

Haftar’s transgressions are endless yet, as the head of the National Oil Corporation, Mustafa Sunallah, stated that Haftar handed over the ports and oil fields to a number of mercenaries who deal from these fields, according to external agendas that have benefited from the closure process. The National Corporation affirmed, in a statement, that the UAE had given instructions to Haftar militias to stop oil production, stating that it was forced to declare force majeure on all oil exports from Libya in order to limit its contractual obligations.

The Corporation clarified that mercenaries from the “Wagner” and the Syrians occupy the Sidra oil port, while the “Wagner” and the Sudanese mercenaries reside in the vicinity of the Alsharara oil field, which prevents the flow of Libyan oil.

Mercenary “Wagner” raids

The American embassy in Libya confirmed that the “Wagner” mercenary raids on the facilities of the National Oil Corporation hindered progress, and increased the risk of confrontation after several days of intense diplomatic activity; With the aim of allowing the National Oil Corporation to resume its vital and non-political work.

The embassy indicated in a statement that the conflicting messages drafted in foreign capitals, which were transmitted by the so-called “Libyan Arab Armed Forces” on July 11, have harmed all Libyans who seek a secure and prosperous future.

The readiness of the forces,

The Supreme Commander of the Libyan Army, Fayez al-Sarraj, discussed with the heads of the three military regions, Western, Tripoli, and Central, and the commander of the Sirte-AlJufra Chamber, the military situation in the country in general, the readiness of the forces in various regions, the conduct of operations in the Sirte-AlJufra region, and a review of procedures for securing the liberated areas.

Al-Sarraj discussed during his meeting with the commanders of the military zones, the organization of the military establishment, mechanisms for implementing the program of merging and integrating the supportive military formations, and programs to develop the defensive military capabilities of the Libyan army within the framework of partnership programs with a number of friendly countries.

After liberating the entire western region of Haftar militia and mercenaries, will the rest of the south be secured and liberated along with the ports and oil fields which are under the control of Haftar’s mercenaries?

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